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Information for Cruise Ship Passengers

All cruise ship passengers into Napier are met ship side by shuttle buses and transferred the short distance to the Napier i-Site visitor information centre in town. Our store is conveniently located directly across the road from the i-Site and the cycle trail.

This year we look forward to welcoming visitors travelling on the Noordam, Golden Princess, Norwegian Jewel, Ovation of the Seas, Maasdam and many others.
The Hawke's Bay cycle trails offer many options for those who prefer not to ride on the road.  The cycling is flat and easy, and you can start right across the road from our store.  You can choose to ride for an hour or a two, or even a day or perhaps join one of our guided tours to historic Ahuriri and on to Mission Estate Winery.
Let us know that you are arriving on a cruise ship when you make your booking and we will ensure your bike is held for you and is ready to go when you arrive - we understand your time is precious!  We adjust our opening hours accordingly if cruise ships are due in early in the morning or departing late, so just tell us when you want to ride and we'll make it happen.
You are welcome to contact us ahead of time for suggestions on where to ride, or if you have a specific route you want to do or place you wish to visit and you want to check that it is manageable within your timeframe.  
Tell us what you want to do, and we'll make it happen!  Or if we can't because there isn't enough time, we'll certainly come up with some great alternatives.
Frequently Asked Questions
If your question isn't answered here, please email Rachael


Do I have to book in advance?

No, but it is recommended.  We have lots of bikes and don't usually run out but have done so once or twice!  Also, if you book in advance and tell us how tall you are, then we can have your bike all ready to go when you arrive.

Do I have to wear a cycle helmet?

Yes, it is a legal requirement in New Zealand, even if you are riding only on the pathways.  But don't worry, a comfortable adjustable fit helmet is included in your hire.

I'd like a guide to come with me, can you arrange this?

Yes if you book in advance we can arrange this for you - cost depends on how the long the ride is so is quoted on a case by case basis. 

What is the difference between the handsome blue bikes and the beautiful green bikes?

The green bikes have 3 gears, a very upright riding position, a front brake on the handlebars and the old fashioned pedal back brake. Green bikes are suitable for riders up to a height of about 180cm only due to their seat post limits.  They are perfect for cruising along the water front and enjoying the view.  The blue bikes have a slightly less upright riding position, 21 gears and some suspension in the seat post and front forks for added comfort on the longer rides.  They are available with a low step through for easy getting on and off or a standard frame, in a variety sizes from small through to extra large.

I'm nervous about riding on the road so where can I ride?

We have 200km of off road trail starting right across the road from our store.  Some trails are concrete shared cycle and pedestrian and others are very fine limestone.  Our comfortable bikes have been designed specifically for pathway riding.

I'm not very fit, does that matter?

No, not unless you are planning an epic ride!  Even the most unfit person will usually enjoy an hour of easy riding on our beautiful waterfront if you give them a coffee break half way through.

I haven't ridden a bike in years, which bike should I choose?

If you ever going to ride anywhere, then ride here.  The pathways are flat, smooth and uncrowded (usually!). We recommend the beautiful green bike for the novice rider as these are easy to ride and uncomplicated.  Mum hadn't ridden for 50 years and now at the age of 75 is regularly out cruising the pathways.  You might even meet her as she often helps out in the shop on cruise ship days.

I want to visit a winery, will I have time?

Well that depends on how long you have and how fast you ride!  We have two fabulous wineries, Church Road and Mission Estate that are a 15km flat ride from our store, mostly off road.  This takes most people about 1-1.5 hours each way.

I'm worried I'll get lost - do you have maps?

Yes, a map is included in your hire and the cycle trails are signposted.  The locals are also very friendly and helpful if you get lost.  We'll also give you our toll free phone number so you or a member of the public can call us if you get lost or need help.

How hilly are your trails?

Our trails are all flat. Yes really!  If you go up a big hill then you have definitely gone the wrong way.

I've heard rumours that your customers sometimes get given home baking after their ride, is that true?

Yes indeed!  Not every time as sometimes we are too busy to bake, but you never know your luck!