Napier City Bike Hire & Tours

Go further, see more - go by bike!

About Us

While we think it is all about you rather than all about us, we've been told that some people still want to know who we are and what makes us tick, so pull up a chair and we'll give you a quick overview.

We love Hawke's Bay and of course we love bikes and bike trails!  And we think there is no better way to explore the local area than on a bike.  There is 20km of sealed shared pathway across the road from our premises and another 180km of off road limestone trails, plus many of our roads also have dedicated cycle lanes.  However our bike paths, which start on the promenade across the road from our store, are so fantastic and take you so many places that you don't have to ride on the road at all if you don't wish to.

 At Napier City Bike Hire we are also keen mountain bikers, road cyclists, trail runners and triathletes, so if you are visiting from outside the area and want to know the best places to train or want to join some local group training sessions, just ask and we'll point you in the right direction.

The Crew

We decided it we'd keep it simple for you by minimising the number of names you have to remember...

Rachael Verry - owner and big bike fan

Rachael left the highways and byways of Auckland seven years ago to move closer to her family and to enjoy a better lifestyle in sunny Hawkes Bay.  She has loved exploring and learning about the area, particularly the unique history and how Napier came to be as we know it today.  Having for years been a dedicated roadie and triathlete (and completing 6 Ironman events!) , the pathways around Hawkes Bay have opened up a whole new way of riding just for the pure enjoyment of it.  Rachael is also one of the people behind the Hawke's Bay Trail Run Series so if you want to know where the best local running trails are, she is the one to talk to.

Rachel Lamb

Rachel has travelled the highways and byways of the world and also ridden many of the fabulous cycle trails throughout New Zealand.  Having enjoyed a number of cruises during her travels, Rachel knows exactly what its like to land in a foreign city and head off into the wild blue yonder on a bike.

Sarah Martin

Sarah is our operations manager, and comes from a farming background. She has enjoyed travelling through Europe in between her years at university and coming to us. Going on many bike tours in lots of different cities is a great help for what to do (and what not to do!) in a bike business. She can also drive a tractor, a skill that may come in handy one of these days! 

Marion Verry

Marion is Rachael's mum and we won't tell you exactly how old she is, but if you think you are too old to ride a bike then she can probably prove you wrong!  Marion hadn't ridden a bike for years but can now regularly be found cruising the pathways on her very own Metro when we haven't roped her into helping out in the shop.

Nick Verry

Nick is another one of our weekend crew and also happens to be Rachael's brother.  Nick studied wine making and viticulture and currently works at Sacred Hill and worked at Church Road previously.  So if you need to know anything about wine or the best wineries to visit then he is the man to ask.  Nick is also a keen cyclist when not tending to wine or helping out in the shop.

AvantiPlus Hastings

Suppliers of our fantastic bikes and also our maintenance guys and bike help desk.

If you love one of our bikes so much you want your own, call in and see the team at AvantiPlus Hastings, 401 Queen Street West - in Hastings of course.  Tell them the green machines at Napier City Bike Hire have inspired you and I'm sure they'll give you an extra special deal!