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How hilly are the trails?

Our trails are all flat. Yes really! If you go up a big hill then you have gone the wrong way.

I'm worried I'll get lost - do you have maps?

Yes. A map is included in your hire and the cycle trails are signposted. We also have for you a written description of the most popular routes.
Our toll free number is on every bike so you can call us anytime for directions if in doubt.
The locals are also very helpful if you get lost.
Another option, handy for multi day adventure, is to download the Great Rides app. Once downloaded, look for the Hawke's Bay trails and download this map. Once it is on your phone, you can use it offline. Your location will show in relation to where the trails are, which is very handy.

Where can I park my car?

There is metered parking on the street outside our shop where you can park for a maximum of 2 hours at a cost of $1 per hour weekdays, or all day at $1 an hour located in front of "Six Sisters Coffee House". If you wish to park for longer, there are public carparks within the city, or there is free parking on Marine Parade south of Edwardes Street. On Saturdays parking near the store is free and unlimited after 2pm, and on Sunday's parking is free and unlimited.
Napier CBD parking map

Where exactly are you located?

We are located in town at 117 Marine Parade, right across the road from the i-SITE Visitor Information Centre and the Mini Golf. We are easy walking distance from most central hotels and motels.

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours vary depending on the season. Our current hours are listed at the top of every page, and in our Contact page. We open early and close late in the summer time, and open later and close earlier in the wintertime. If you wish to find out exact opening times for when you will be visiting, please contact us.

I want to do a multi day cycle tour - can you help?

Yes! Either check out our Multi-Day Tour page, or Contact Us here and send us details of what you want to achieve.

Do I have to book in advance?

It is definitely recommended to avoid disappointment. We do have a lot of bikes, but during busy times we can run out. It is especially summer recommended for ebikes our tour bookings.
Booking in advance means you have a preferred bike in the right size to ride, and we will have your booked bikes ready and waiting for your arrival.
Check out our Cancellation Policy if you feel the weather might be an issue.

Do I have to wear a cycle helmet?

Yes. It is a legal requirement in New Zealand, even if you are only riding on the pathways. Those flouting the rules can be subject to a $55 fine. A comfortable adjustable helmet is included in your hire cost.

I'd like a guide to come with me, can you arrange this?

Yes. Please contact us for options.

What is the difference between the Handsome Black Bikes and the
Beautiful Green Bikes?

The Beautiful Green Bikes have 3 gears, a very upright riding position, a front brake on the handlebars and a pedal back brake - think classic Cruiser for short rides up and down the waterfront.

The Handsome Black Bikes have a slightly less upright riding position, but are still feel very casual - you won't feel like you are riding in the Tour de France. These bikes have been designed for pathway riding, so are perfect if you are going for two hours or more. They have 24 gears, disc brakes on the handlebars, and seat and fork suspension for extra comfort.

Will I have to ride on the road at all?

We are lucky to have 200km of dedicated cycle trail here in the Hawke's Bay - meaning it is off-road from motorists. Crossing the road from our shop, you will find the path that stretches 12km to the North, and 27km to the South and plenty more km's going inland. There are some parts of the trail which do require you to cycle in dedicated cycle lanes on the road, but these are few and far between. Talk to us and we can show you a route which requires no road riding at all if sharing with cars makes you nervous.

I'm not very fit. Does that matter?

No, not unless you are planning an epic ride! Even the most unfit person will usually enjoy an hour of easy riding on our beautiful waterfront if you give them a coffee break half way through. Failing that - we do have e-bikes. These are pedal assist though, there is no throttle like on a moped.

I haven't ridden a bike in years. Does that matter? Which bike should I choose?

If you are ever going to get back in the saddle (so-to-speak), then there is no more of a perfect place to do so than right here in Napier. Our trails are flat - if you go up a hill you have gone the wrong way, and very smooth! And with the trails being dedicated to cyclists and pedestrians, you don't have to worry about vehicles.

I want to visit a winery. Will I have time?

Well that depends on how much time you have and how fast you ride! There are two fantastic wineries (Church Road and Mission Estate) that are 16km from our store, and this takes most people 1-1.5 hours one way. If these wineries appeal, but time is of the essence (or you only wish to ride one way) then consider our Waterways to Wineries tour.

If you are really short on time, we now have the fantastic Urban Winery in Ahuriri. A short 4 km ride away (about 15-20 minutes) will see you tasting fantastic Chardonnay (Tony Bish's specialty) and a range of other wines.  

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